Shipment Escort

In the territory of Hungary, the regulation 26/2009. (VI. 22.) KHEM regulates the road traffic of vehicles exceeding the specified total weight, axle load and size, the road management and official procedure, as well as the conditions for the payment of tolls.

For the transport of vehicles with a maximum weight of 40 tonnes or with the maximum permissible axle load, an oversize charge and an overweight charge shall be paid, the amount of which shall be determined on the basis of the distance of the route specified in the agreement and the dimensions of the oversized load.

The road operator may, if justified by traffic safety considerations, require police or other professional escorts.

Simple route protection can be performed by vehicles with a warning sign (flashing yellow light). In addition to the yellow warning sign, the accompanying car must also be equipped with a statutory sign with a variable sign, which allows you to restrict traffic if necessary during route insurance.

When transporting overweight, oversized, uniquely, extremely large and special machines, equipment or devices, some form of escort is usually required.

Our escort cars are equipped with statutory signaling devices, so we can not only escort you with a warning car, but also with a professional escort, and if necessary, we can arrange a police escort too.

Thanks to our experience, our contacts and our proper relationship with the licensing authority, obtaining licenses is as smooth as it can be.

“A route permit is required in Hungary if the total weight of the vehicle on the road exceeds 40.0 tons or its total size – taking into account the load – exceeds one of the following dimensions:

  • Length:
    • for a vehicle without a trailer 12,00m
    • in the case of a semi-trailer combination 16.50 m
    • for a trailer combination with a trailer 18.75 m
  • Width: 2.5 m
  • Height: 4.00 m”